7 mysteries of Peru that you probably do not know

Whether you’re traveling or not, there are many reasons to be interested in Peru: the beauty of its landscapes, its people, its craftmanship… its rich history is the host of several mysteries that you probably do not know. Here are 7 mysteries that will surely interest you.

1-    Nazca Lines

The famous geoglyphs of Nazca wera made around 600 BC. Their real meaning remains a mystery, but the thesis of an astronomical calendar is supported. Some even argue that it is the work of extraterrestrials …Nazca lines spider

The only way to admire these lines is through the air (a hint: lunch light before your flight… and prefer to go there in the morning, apparently there is less turbulence!). Among other things, you can admire a fabulous condor, a hummingbird, a mysterious astronaut and a multitude of straight lines, sometimes several kilometers long.

Numerous cultural products display the lines of Nazca on them.(et de notre boutique)


2-    12 angle stone : the remain of the genius of the Incas

pierre-12-anglesIn Cusco, the ancient Inca capital, the Spanish built the new colonial buildings over the ancient Incas monuments. However, the vestiges of the old city are still clearly visible. At the corner of an alley, you may notice several tourists taking pictures of an ancient Inca wall. This wall contains a rock which, as its name stated, has 12 angles (instead of a modest 4). What is surprising is how precisely this rock has been assembled with all the others.


3-    The Treasure deep at the bottom of Lake Titicaca


The last Inca, Atahualpa, was captured by the Conquistador (the conquistador Pizarro) in Cajamarca in 1532. In order to have his life saved, the conquistadors demanded a grandiose ransom, Money to fill the room where Atahualpa was a prisoner. We speak here of 35m2 with a height of 2m.

According to the story, the treasure was sailing on the waters of Lake Titicaca when the sailors learned that the Conquistador hadn’t kept their word; They executed Atahualpa.

The sailors, frustrated, would have thrown the treasure in the depths of the lake Titicaca. The treasure has never been found.

Fiction is sometimes very close to reality! In 2013, archaeological excavations of the lake bottom highlighted the existence of hidden treasures.

4-    The legend of Mama Ocllo and Manco Capac

Statue of Manco Capac in Lima. Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Manco_Capac_Statue_Lima_La_Victoria.jpg

The sun God Inti, seeing how disorganized men lived, gave birth to the couple of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo. He gave them the mission of organizing men in civilization with as a cult the sun. Leaving the waters of Lake Titicaca, they would have headed north to found the navel of the world: Cusco, the Inca capital. Thus was founded the Inca Empire.

The Mystery: The couple would be according to mytic historians. Due to the lack of writing, it is indeed difficult to know if these characters actually existed. However, in Cusco, “el Inticancha” is now called Coricancha (the remains of the temple of the sun) and this temple would have been made for Manco Capac. It would have been mummified and preserved. It is concluded that Manco Capac would have existed, but …


5-    The rituals of the ayahuasca and San Pedro

Image source: http://www.4biodiversity.org/get-involved/art-for-life/pablo-amaringo/?langFirst: I do not recommend you try these hallucinogenic substances. Taking Ayahuasca and San Pedro is not without risk. Nevertheless, the rituals surrounding the ayahuasca and the San Pedro are fascinating; It is for this reason that we are talking about it today and not to encourage you to consume it.

Ayahuasca has been consumed for over 4000 years in the Amazon and is used for its healing abilities. It will allow you to get to know the origin of the world, to get in touch with spirits and nature and to purge the evils of your soul and your spirit.

Know that ayahuasca is in fact hallucinogenic and will give you intense nausea. It is part of the experience since it is necessary to “purify” you before coming into contact with the spirits.

Pablo Amaringo is a famous Peruvian painter who realized masterpieces which would make ashame any Pink Floyd cd cover.

Fresco depicting prisoners who are going to drink San Pedro before being sacrificed!

The San Pedro cactus is located on the desertic coast of Peru. It had several uses: one of these was for prisoners of war who had to consume it before being sacrificed. Numerous fresco painted on the huacas of the Peruvian desert bear witness.

San Pedro promises its consumers a great spiritual journey where it is possible to connect directly with the deities and have a better understanding of the world around us.


6-    Offerings at the Pachamama

bolivian market
fetuses of llamas on the back for your rituals!

While I was in La Paz in Bolivia, a mysterious smell began to envelop the market of “las brujas” (witches). The shops burned at the entrance of their trade preparations offered as an offering to the pachamama (mother earth).

If you visit the market of Las Brujas (or any other wizarding market in Peru or Bolivia), you will find mysterious objects, including one of the most surprising: fetuses of dried-up llamas.


7-    The pyramids (huacas) of the Moche of the Peruvian desert and its buried treasures

el brujoFirst, be aware that they are not pyramids as spectacular as those in Egypt, but rather small hills scattered throughout the Peruvian desert.

Built by the Moche (pronounced “motchey”), they were built as early as 100 AD. The famous huacas are found in Trujillo (in northern Peru): huaca del sol (sun) and huaca de la luna Moon). Although the first has suffered from erosion (the El Nino phenomenon), the huaca de la luna has many frescoes, clearly showing ceremonies of executions, warriors, divinities, etc.

The mystery: there are multitudes huacas that have not yet been explored. The Peruvian desert contains many authentic Moche ceramics that when you pass through villages, you can find … and buy. Know, however, that to trying to bring home any archaeological treasure of Peru is strongly reprimanded. Buy instead a nice replica.

All this does not awaken the Indiana Jones in you?

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