Bundle – Bag, purse and jewelry

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Combine a bag, purse, satchel or tote bag with one or more of our wonderful fancy jewelery and save!

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Peruvian Handbag (Color choice)

Made from traditional fabrics Peruvian "manta", this bag features a bright shade of red. This typical Peruvian bag is perfect for your summer outings.

Peruvian Handbag (Color choice)

Our fabulous bags made from Peruvian manta put some color in your life. They are ideal for your everyday outings, trips, trips to the beach and hot summer days.

Andean Earrings - Made of Wood (Color choice)

These earrings are made of wood painted in various colorful designs. They are made by Peruvian artisans.

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Earrings Made of traditional Peruvian Tissu (Color choice)

These peruvian earrings are made of the same fabric which are manufactured with the Peruvian tablecloths. The loops of manta fabric ears are colored. They are the result of the creativity of Peruvian artisans.

Earrings in silver 950 (Choice)

Choose your silver earrings 950 of your choice.

earrings geometric

These earrings are made by artisans in Peru. They are of various geometric figures with semi-precious stone inside.

Size of earrings: 3.5 cm