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Alpaca Wool Blankets & Bedclothes
What’s better than to snuggle in the comfort of his home in the comfort of an alpaca wool blanket!

Soft on the skin, warm in the winter, dries quickly … to watch a movie on Sunday afternoon or to cover you up to your neck in your bed, alpaca wool blankets and bedclothes offered on our boutique will fill your heart with happiness.

Sometimes offered with 100% alpaca wool, sometimes mixed with other materials (sheep’s wool or acrylic), you will find in this section different blankets of alpaca wool at different prices.

Discover why our clients love them so much!

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Coup de coeur

Bedclothes / blankets

Blanket made of Alpaca Wool

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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124.99$ 99.99$

Bedclothes / blankets

Fine 100% Baby Alpaca Blanket

199.99$ 179.99$

Alpaca Wool

Gift Certificate

From: 164.98$ 148.98$

Bedclothes / blankets

Recycled Alpaca Wool Blanket