Our story…

It is the love of South America and its culture that gave birth to Boutique art Inca at the end of 2013 by Laura, Vincent and their four-legged accomplice: Mr. Giorgio (the cat).

The initial idea was simple; import unique products from Laura’s country of origin to sell online. After months of research, testing, success, and failure, it was clear that Boutique Art Inca had to be more than just importing products!

Boutique art Inca is the love of alpaca wool products and South American culture. It is a space of colors, exoticism, comfort and softness, to offer as a gift or simply for yourself…

The mission of Boutique art Inca: to send love in each of its packages

We sincerely wish to make you discover our passion for alpaca wool products which deserves to be known.

We also want to add a dose of color and exoticism to your daily life through a variety of cultural products from South America; alpaca wool clothing, tablecloths, blankets, musical instruments, ponchos, jewelry, and more.

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Produits locaux alpaga

Boutique art Inca – 100% Quebec & family business

We want to contribute to the local economy while supporting the work of talented artisans in South America.

  • We buy from local Quebec businesses
  • We value the work of talented artisans from South America
  • We want to minimize the use of plastic, favor recyclable solutions and avoid overpackaging during our shipments.
See the collection of product made in Canada

Boutique art inca's team



Lady Laura Chuquillanqui-Guerra (yes! It’s her full name!) Is from Lima, Peru. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Laura was introduced to the business world at a young age. She is very attached to her culture, but at the same time very attached to Canada. In 2009 Laura helped start the family’s first gift shop in Ste-Émilie-de-l’Énergie: L’Artisanat Péruvien de Lanaudière. Laura is proud to have contributed to this beautiful family project. In 2013, Laura began to set up Boutique art inca with the help of the family’s return and the help of her husband. Its goal: to introduce you to the fascinating Latin American culture.

Giorgio C.Naud

“The mustachioed”

Never hesitate to accompany his humans to work (that is to say sleeping next to them). He is responsible for signaling to his employees when to take a break. Although generally mild, it sometimes bites its humans. Overweight (although he is not of this opinion …).

It should be noted that Mr. Giorgio was strictly prohibited from handling or touching the goods …

Still according to him, he would be the real boss of the company … of its humans…



Vincent, he’s the marketing guy. With experience in the e-commerce field, he is the resource person for site management and marketing. It was during a stay in 2009 in South America that the passion for Latin American culture was born. For 1 month and a half, Vincent visited Peru, Bolivia and Chile.


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