Inca art Boutique is a young “startup” and family company, proudly Peruvian and Canadian. South America lovers, we want to share this passion through unique products that offer Peru and its South American neighbors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you discover and you share our passion for South America and its culture through its products, tablecloths, blankets, musical instruments, clothing, jewelry, and more.

Our Values

We wish to work on a continuing commitment with our communities:

  • Contribute to the economic improvement of South America (there is not only Asia that manufacture!). Our products are imported from South America, including Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.
  • Contribute to the economy, both local (Quebec) and Canada
    We buy our boxes a Quebec local business
    We are based in Quebec
    We wish to promote regional and national supplier

Our Commitment

We are committed to medium-term to offer our customers optimum transparency on the manufacture of our products are imported from South America. We pledge to respect and give the value of their work to us as human resources and respect the environment by alpaca wool, sheep and llama.

Our Team

Laura C.Guerra

Laura C.Guerra

Is native of Lima, Peru. She has a Bachelor degree of Business Administration. Laura started young in the business world. She is firmly attached to its culture, but very attached to Quebec as well.
  • In 2009 Laura has helped to start the first of the family business in Ste-Emilie-de-energy named Peruvian Boutique of Lanaudiere. Laura is proud to have contributed to this great family project.
  • In 2013, Laura began to set up Inca Art Boutiquewith the help of her family.Her goal: to make you discover the exciting Latin American culture.
Vincent C.Naud

Vincent C.Naud

Is originally from Quebec. He holds a Master degree in Business Administration, Marketing. With an experience in e-commerce, it is the contact person for the site management and marketing. It was during a stay in 2009 in South America that the passion for Latin American culture awaked. For a month and a half, Vincent visited Peru, Bolivia and Chile.