Boutique art Inca is proud to join to help support local nonprofits organizations

It is with great pride that Boutique art Inca joins in the sale of its products, and will thus redistribute part of its profits to local foundations.

When a friend told me about, I said: wow! This is a simple way for us to quickly respond finally to this objective that is to help nonprofits organizations.

So now it is official: Boutique art Inca contributes not only to South America by giving work to people there and promoting their fabulous products, but also by contributing financially to the support of local foundations and organizations.

The Mano network: pay in donations rather than commissions on sales!

The Mano network gives back 100% of the donations raised to all participating non-profit organizations. Foundations include: fibrose kystique Québec, Fondation québécoise du cancer, fondation Héma-Québec, Institut de cardiologie de Montréal, le Phare, œuvre des manoirs Ronald McDonald, société Alzheimer, and much more! Pour voir la liste complète.

Each of the sales made on Mano network, Boutique art Inca agrees to give back 10% of this amount to a fund that will be paid to these organizations. And 100% of donations are redistributed!

Already, some products are available on the shop!

Want to donate? Make a purchase now on !

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