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Our guest blogger, Paula Contini, du blogue wishes to awaken the spirit of adventurer in you by proposing you to go off beaten path in the land of the Incas.

You are passing through Peru, but you do not know by which circuit to start your adventure? Here are some spots to visit for an unforgettable Peruvian adventure. Discovering the cultural diversity of the people, stunning landscapes, Peruvian culture with breathtaking scenery, numerous historical sites, from Arequipa to Cusco, travel the country by foot.


Arequipa is a city in the Peruvian region of the same name, located near the mythical Misti volcano. It is nicknamed the “ciudad blanca” Source de l’image : dyonis ( (white city) for its numerous white houses. Already there, you will enjoy the moments of observation of the typical city of Arequipa.

Source de l’image : Travelling - See you in November ( here, you can begin your adventure with a 3 hour trek through the splendid volcanic landscapes and enjoy the thermal waters at the foot of these majestic mountains such as the one at the bottom of Mount Chachani or Yura. Then join the narrow gorges of Corontorio which reach more than 3000 meters of uneven. These famous gorges dump to the waterfall of Capua 30 meters high. It should be noted that part of the walk will be in the river bed, so you will have to wear shoes resistant to moisture.

Afterwards, go down into the Agua Blanca National Reserve to observe and observe vicunas, flamingos and alpacas.


Canyon de Colca

Canyon de la ColcaAfter getting out of Arequipa, climb the road to Chachani and go to discover the Grand Canyon of Colca, a crossing that can last about 4 hours. Indeed, the canyon of Colca is the star of the Peruvian region. This is one of the most visited tourist sites in Peru.

Measuring about 1,200 meters of elevation, this canyon has walls that stretch majestically to nearly 3,000 meters. You can enjoy the small stops to bathe in the hot spring of the canyon. Go back to the Mirador of the Condor cross to meet the camelids of the pampas of Canahuasi. They are artiodactyl mammals whose apparent species is the dromedaries and camels of Africa and Asia and the American Vigogne.

A little higher still is a waterfall, that of C’ayracucho. (Not as famous as Capua). Not far away, you will find the mythical stone forest of Imata, which is the highest point of the Peru railway at 4,376 meters. Cross it with joy! Certainly, this can be quite stiff, but you can always adjust the pace to your physical condition.



Here we are in Cuzco! Ready to discover this beautiful city? At once admired and jealous by its neighbors, Cuzco and the sacred valley that it attracts attracts many tourists every year. This is one of the most interesting sites in Peru and not to be missed. There is a proposal for a horseback riding tour, but it is preferable to visit these sites by walk.

As you walk through this town and its narrow streets, you will discover funny walls. They are indeed massive walls, erected, made of large blocks of stone with really complicated shapes. There are 4 archaeological sites you can visit: Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca-Pucara and Tomba Machay. Of easy access, these sites have common customs and legends related to them.

Among these 4, Sacsayhuaman is the most well-known. It is here that the feast of the sun or the Inti Raymi is celebrated and celebrated. Qenqo, meanwhile, is the place of sacrifices and rituals including the mummification of the Inca nobles. The stones are very impressive, carved in different shapes. Puca-Pucara is known for the red color that takes its stones at sunset. It was here that control of the comings and goings between Cuzco and the sacred valley was formerly exercised. And finally, Tambo Machay, it is a place of worship to the god of water where the ritual baths are held, source of youth according to legends. A great rock to which the Incas have conferred a spiritual strength on the stones is found at the top. If you enter inside this rock, you will see mummies as well as valuables such as gold and silver.

Out of Cuzco, enjoy a little tour at the market of San Pedro of the city to taste its rather singular and typical atmosphere. You will find lots of strange and unknown things, delicious traditional dishes, smells and very original colors.

With its numerous treasures and adventure opportunities that Peru reserves for you, what are you waiting for to put on your backpack to go on an adventure?

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