New in store: new Website, our products in the media and our new partners

Since our launch in October 2013, Boutique art Inca always had the mission to make you discover South America through its products. Many of you have not only succumbed to one of these wonderful products but also to read and follow us on social media. It is with great enthusiasm that we have partnered and collaborated with several passionate partners.

Here are some news about the shop:

A better and more powerful Website

Our Website exist since 2013; in order to continue to serve you well, a complete new website was needed. Our new platform offers :

  • Simplified navigation
  • Greater speed
  • New Products
  • More delivery options
  • And more!
site en maintenance

Below is the message error that we could see during the maintenance…
which have benn seen during only 15 minutes!

Boutique art Inca and television

Costumers from large TV networks bought many of our products; As mentioned previously on our blog, beauties of the popular show “Le Banquier” had dressed 2 beauties of the show with our accessories for a special world. Subsequently, it was the Radio-Canada costumer who used a Peruvian traveling bag for the TV show “memoires vives”.

Web Partners

An online store is not built alone! From the very beginning of the store, we joined ideecadeauquebec where several of our products are displayed. Now, it’s the new Portic site that displays our products, which sells many products traceable, original and ethical.

Et for 2017?

Of course, new partnerships will emerge and new products will continue to enter our shop.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners, which allows us to continue this fabulous adventure!

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