Why you should have alpaca socks

While winter is coming, as well as the approach of the holidays, our alpaca socks are particularly popular. To shed some light on the advantages of these socks, here is a short blog post based the frequently asked questions our clients have.

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First of all, what is alpaca wool?

If you do not know what is alpaca wool, this will interest you: it is warmer than the sheep wool, more insulating thanks to its composition as a tube (empty inside, filled with air) and also softer. Moreover, it does not sting on the skin and is certainly a material of a great nobility (only the Incas of the high society had the right to wear it). Another point likely to interest your toes: the alpaca wool keep moisture away from your skin.

Now that you know the benefits of alpaca wool, here are the types of socks we have in store.

traditional alpaca socks from peru
Traditional socks from Peru

Traditional Socks from Peru

Especially appreciated for its look, I would qualify as my favorite socks for Sunday, perfect for a quiet day at home. Small recommendation: they are the most delicate of our collection, if you wish to keep them for a long time, go slowly on them!

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Alpaca dress socks
Alpaca dress socks

Alpaca dress socks

Why should you wear socks thin and unpleasant when leaving the subway to face artic cold while going to work? Alpaca dress socks as shown offer a better compromise to fit with your work outfit.

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Alpaca Socks 80% - Made in Quebec
Alpaca Socks 80% – Made in Quebec

Alpaca Socks – made of 80% alpaca

They are definitely the most popular in store, and for a good reason. They are made in Quebec (at St-Hubert exactly, on Montreal’s South Shore) with alpaca wool imported from Peru. I would say they are perfect for work or outdoor activities. Personally, I use them to go snowshoeing. They are also my favority socks after an Ice Canoe competition.

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Bas d'alpaga thermal
Alpaca Thermal Socks

Alpaca Thermal Socks 80% : Your best budy for damn too cold winter days

Again, when it too damn cold, thermal socks are your best friends. They are thicker and will act as a real cold barrier for your feet.

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How to take care of alpaca socks

Our first advice: like any other wool product, avoid at all cost the dryer … oops, you passed them in the dryer by accident? I did it dozens of times and fortunately they were still great. Anyway… just don’t put them in the dryer to keep them longer.

And believe me, you’ll have them all winter in your feet!

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