Boutique art Inca is proud to join to help support local nonprofits organizations

It is with great pride that Boutique art Inca joins in the sale of its products, and will thus redistribute part of its profits to local foundations. When a friend told me about, I said: wow! This is a simple way for us to quickly respond finally to this objective that is to […]

New in store: new Website, our products in the media and our new partners

Since our launch in October 2013, Boutique art Inca always had the mission to make you discover South America through its products. Many of you have not only succumbed to one of these wonderful products but also to read and follow us on social media. It is with great enthusiasm that we have partnered and […]

7 Latin American addresses to discover in Montreal – to spend a day in a true Latin american world!

montreal latino

Multiculturalism characterizes Montreal. This gives the city great wealth and shapes its neighborhoods. Latin American community is well represented and there are several groups, such as Colombians, Chileans, Argentines, Peruvians and much more. Want to taste other flavors, or just feel like traveling while staying in Montreal? Here are some places to visit for a […]

How is Halloween celebrated in Peru: Creole Music Day and the Day of the Dead

In Latin America, including in Peru, Halloween is not celebrated as in North America. Day of the Dead (dia de los muertos) is, however much more celebrated. The day before, October 31, there is as well celebrated in Peru the Creole Music Day. It is interesting to note that death is by far less taboo […]